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Veridus welcomes you to The Purple Book

District Overviews
Candidate Biographies
Political Landscape

Veridus is pleased to present you with The Purple Book: Arizona’s most comprehensive reference on the 2022 elections.


Consider The Purple Book your guide to Arizona’s ever-changing, always-fascinating political landscape. Within this convenient, easy-to-navigate resource you will find descriptions of the candidates seeking state and federal office; an overview of the political dynamics at play in districts and races across the state; and a handicap of races that will determine which party will control the levers of power in Arizona.


Wondering about the voter registration breakdown of an individual legislative district? It’s all here. Curious how a district has voted in recent cycles? We’ve got you covered.


Whether you are red or blue (or purple), everything you need to know about Arizona elections is just a click away. We hope you will utilize The Purple Book as you learn about the candidates, watch the 2020 elections unfold and – most importantly – vote! 


Don’t forget to check out The Purple Book after the polls close – we’ll be providing frequent updates on Primary and General Election results. Visit to stay connected. Happy voting!



The Veridus Team,

Shaun Rieve

Madeline Ramirez

Bobby Charette

Biographical information and the maps were provided by Arizona Capitol Reports, a division of ANS that produces Arizona Legislative Report, the Yellow Sheet Report, and Legislation On-Line Arizona


The statements were reproduced as submitted by the candidates and have not been changed. The statements represent the opinion of the authors and have not been checked for accuracy or content.

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